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About Bozorg Bazgast Organization



Anjuman-e Bozorg Bazgasht (great return organization) is part of Det Norske Zarathushthriske Trossamfunn (Zarathushthrian Association of Norway).

Its goal is to help people all around the world to learn and convert into Zarathushthrian religion.


Bozorg Bazgasht Org. is a religious association without any political interest. Bozorg Bazgasht warmly welcomes cooperation in religious activities with all Zarathushthrian groups and Anjumans in the world.

We have proudly helped many to learn the faith and to convert to our ancestor's religion. If you wish to learn or convert into Zoroastrianism you may contact us by
E-Mail and we will arrange the conversion service free of charge no matter where your location is.

This organisation is a non-profit organisation and relies on donations from lovers of Ashoo Zartosht and enthusiasts of ancestor's religion who believe that our effort will make a change. If you have any questions, suggestions or you like to donate so please contact us by



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