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Sedreh Pooshi / Navjote





    •  Sedreh Pooshi (Navjote) in

        St.Petersburg, Russia 2010


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     • Sedreh Pooshi (Navjote) in

        London, England 2010 .


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         Asho Zarathushthra.


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Group Sedreh Pooshi-Navjote in

Vienna, Austria 3747  (July 2009)

On Saturday 18 July 2009, a number of Iranians and a native Austrian lady were confirmed into the Zarathushtrian faith, when they participated in the Sedreh Pooshi-Navjot ceremony.

The Navjot ceremony was sponsored by the Bozorg Bazgasht Organization of Norway. The ceremony took place at the Park Inn Hotel and was performed by two Iranian Mobeds.















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